4 reel slot machines

4 reel slot machines

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Combining the best on 4 reels

While we love 4 reels in engines, it's a bit of a forgotten group of games in online slots. And unjustly so. Even four reels can offer great fun. These are the best at combining the best of three-reel and five-reel slots.

The four reels are fast (Joker Boom), and relatively simple (Multiplay 81), but you can already have some decent gameplay on their reels (81 Attila). That's why they tend to come with much better bonuses (Stacked) than the three-reel slots. The Wild and Scatter symbols are commonplace, but they are richer and more original than on the three reels. A second Scatter or Mystery bonus will also appear here and there.

As the number of reels increases, so does the number of winning lines that can be reached on the slot (Wild Circus 256). Now it’s starting to get interesting. Although truth be told, we still prefer a better and smoother game flow + creative bonuses rather than a high number of winning lines. But many players have it differently.

The 4-reel slots are thus mainly a decent compromise between the classic retro three-reel slots and the more powerful five-reel slots, often cumbersome and full of ballast that only detracts from the gameplay. Try them out and enjoy the game.

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