Red Tiger Progressive Jackpots

Red Tiger Progressive Jackpots

Let's not pretend that jackpots are not important in casinos. They are. They work similarly to spices in food. It's fine without them, everything works, even the fun works, but with them? That's another thing. They give the game flavor, juice, and real adventure.

In some casinos, among other bonuses, the classic progressive jackpots that you know from foreign casinos or global gaming providers have started to work. For example, the progressive jackpots tied to Red Tiger's reel games are very good, offering up to three very interesting levels. The basic, and locally not very common level, is the Hourly Jackpot. The second level is the Daily Jackpot, and the highest and of course, the most tempting level is the Super Jackpot.

Before we tell you what they are and how you can get them, let us tell you what a progressive jackpot actually is. To simplify it as much as possible, it is a jackpot game, tied to one or more slots that are included in this bonus game. Each player on these slots contributes a percentage of their bet to the total win. The resulting progressive jackpot amount is a sort of sum of these bets from the bets of all players who played on the slot machines included in the jackpot bonus game. The more active players play, the faster the potential win increases.

This is why it is rare that a progressive jackpot win stops at a low amount. It normally grows until someone wins. Well, everyone can win. All you need to do is play on the selected slots. That is, you choose a Red Tiger slot machine at an online casino, one that is included in the progressive jackpot network of course, and spin the reels like any other time. Normally, it doesn't matter how high the bet you place, the odds of winning are the same for everyone. However, it may be that the casino system is set up to give higher odds to players who play for higher amounts of money.

Jackpot Levels on Red Tiger Slots

As we said, there are three progressive jackpot levels, and you can get them by playing Red Tiger's online casino games.

Hourly Jackpot (Hourly Drop)

The Hourly Jackpot is a novelty, but a very pleasant surprise. This means that every hour someone wins a nice sum of money in the casino.

Daily Jackpot (Daily Drop)

The second level of the Jackpot is also a very tasty morsel. Although it is paid only once a day, at the latest at a certain time, it usually reaches really nice values. And for that, being a loyal customer already pays off.

Mega Jackpot (Super Drop)

The Mega Jackpot (Super Drop) is the golden grail of Jackpots in casinos. Here, no one guarantees when it will fall, there is no set time by which someone has to win it. The reward for patience, however, is the amount. Its minimum value varies according to the settings in the particular casino, but it would make any player happy. You can also play for the Mega Jackpot (referred to as Super Drop in some casinos) with a minimum bet, but higher bets increase your chances, just like with other jackpots.

How to Win Red Tiger Jackpots

So, just to be on the safe side, if you would like to win one of the jackpots:

  • You must be registered with an online casino that offers games by Red Tiger
  • You must select a slot machine marked as a jackpot
  • You must place a minimum bet (usually set at €0.10)

If you meet these conditions, there's nothing standing in the way of your luck and you're in the running for one of Red Tiger's three levels of progressive jackpots.

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