News and competitions when playing slot machines

News and competitions when playing slot machines

Large casino tournaments

It is one of the biggest and latest casino events of 2019 at Unibet. A total of eight tournaments are opened, with a total prize pool of € 250,000. You can participate in a € 25,000 Slot Machine Tournament or € 25,000 Live Casino with the Main Prize of € 10,000 in just three weeks time. In the fourth week, prizes double to € 50,000 and the main prize is € 20,000. The tournaments takes place from 04/11/2019 to 1/12/2019.

2019-11-05 12:20:21 | Unibet
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300k March Casino Promotion

There's something big happening in March... Unibet are launching their biggest casino tournament of the year... the 300k Casino Spring Clean!

Yes you read that right: Unibet are going to be giving away €300,000 throughout March using a combination of prize draws and lucky spin tournaments - a can't-miss for any casino players!

The €300k Casino Slot Festival gives players so many chances to win, and Unibet have split it into two different promos – a €100,000 Prize Draw and a weekly €50,000 Lucky Spin Tournament.

2019-02-28 18:39:55 | Unibet
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Betsafe to distribute €1million in prizes and cash

Betsafe is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Over time, it became a global brand and today it offers entertaining to players from all over the world. As part of its 10th anniversary, it will offer its players truly generous rewards. Win tickets to Euro2016 in France, a game of Manchester City in the Premier League, or the opportunity to experience the fantastic Gumball 3000 rally and the closing party in the Romanian city of Bucharest. Cash prizes are also available – players will split an incredible total of £170,000 among the winners. And new players can additionally look forward to massive bonuses.

2016-04-13 12:20:20 | Betsafe
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New Turbo 27 game in the Kajot app

The Kajot casino mobile app is continuously being upgraded to include new games so that you'll also be entertained on your travels. The current offer of Joker 27 and Simply the Best (both very popular) has been expanded by an excellent slot machine – Turbo 27. It doesn't matter where you are or what time it is, you can continue winning non-stop on your mobile phone. The app is currently only available for android phones, but unofficial sources have confirmed that other platforms are likely to follow.

2016-01-16 14:25:09 | Kajot
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Playboy - multiplayer game from Microgaming

Microgaming have released a new version of the Playboy slot that you can now play at the betway casino. This time it is a multiplayer version of this favourite slot game. Combining online playing and socializing between players. Casino tournaments have been gaining in popularity among slot machine players; however, players competed with each other. This new type of multiplayer slot machine brings players together even more. They don´t play against each other, but together they try to beat the slot machine and increase the wins in bonus games.

2014-10-27 11:26:07 | Betway
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