Freespins on slot machines

Freespins on slot machines

Freespins or free spins are the most popular bonuses on online slots today. They are simple and immediately applicable, the player has fun with them and sees their impact immediately. There are several types of freespins. Freespins are most commonly found as a bonus game directly in specific slot games, but you can also get free spins as a casino bonus which you can then use on a specific online slot or game of your choice.

Freespins as a bonus in slot games

In this type of bonus, the principle works by entering the bonus game with a certain number of free spins after spinning a special combination of symbols, usually, 3 scatter symbols. In some places, the number of free spins is limited, while in others you can earn them indefinitely. It is often possible to get additional freespins when spinning free spins as well.

Freespins as a casino bonus

Freespins can also be earned as a bonus, which is awarded by the casino itself. Sometimes it's part of a sign-up bonus, other times it's a reward for playing or loyalty. Very often freespins are also used as winnings in casino tournaments. These free spins are either tied to one specific slot machine or several slots from the same provider.

If you get free spins, use them as quickly as possible, as they are often time-limited.

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