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Dice 81

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How many reels and winning lines does the Dice 81 slot machine have?

The slot itself is composed of 4 reels and 3 rows. It features 81 fixed winning lines.

What is the theme of Dice 81?

The reels feature classic fruit symbols, but the dice symbol plays an important role. That is why we classify it as a fruit machine but also as a dice machine.

What special features can you find here?

The Wild and Scatter symbols can be found on the Dice 81 online slot.

Is it possible to get freespins on the Dice 81?

Yes, you can get a maximum of up to 12 free spins. It depends on the luck of the dice roll.

Does this game offer the opportunity to play for jackpots?

The Dice 81 can be complemented by Apollo jackpots or platform jackpots, i.e. local casino jackpots, in some casinos.

How to win in the Dice 81 slot?

Our tip: A 4-spin of the Wild symbol awards 150x your bet.

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The Dice 81 online slot can be understood even by a complete newb

Are you just starting out with online slots or don't have much experience with them yet? In that case, we bring to your attention a 4-reel machine called Dice 81. It is so simple that you will understand the principle of playing very quickly. Basic special symbols, unpretentious graphics, and music, and no complications to work your way through the various even more complex bonus games. The Dice 81 online slot has clearly laid out rules, which if you get familiar with them you can conjure up some interesting wins.

The Dice 81 slot machine is a creation of the Czech company Apollo Games. It’s built from 4 reels and 3 rows. As its name reveals, it features up to 81 winning lines. As this is a classic, the symbols consist of various fruits, complete with bells, dice, and the Joker. The latter two symbols are also special bonuses. Use them to get much bigger wins.

Roll the dice and get freespins

The Joker bonus symbol is the Wild symbol, i.e. the Joker. If the symbol is absent from a winning combination, it will be substituted. It is also the highest-value symbol in the slot. Four spins of it will result in 150x your bet being credited to your account.

The dice is the Scatter symbol. Thanks to it you can get freespins. The total number of free spins depends on two factors. The first is how many times you spin the dice in the slot, and the second is what number appears on the dice. When 3 dice appear on the slot, you roll the dice only once. You can get up to 6 free spins. However, should 4 or more dice appear in the slot, two rolls are available. In this case, you can achieve 2 to 12 freespins.

In order to keep the game flowing and not to annoy you with constant clicking, you can also reach for the „autoplay“ function. The reels will spin automatically, even nonstop.

Play the classic online slot machine Dice 81 in the casino

This is where our Dice 81 slot review ends. We've covered everything you need to know before you start. It is indeed a simple online slot with simple rules and basic bonuses. Try it at an online casino. If you want to open a new player account, be sure to take advantage of all the casino bonuses that casinos offer not only for new players.

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Apollo Games
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Fruit slot machine
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