What is the Hyper Bonus feature on Kalamba games

What is the Hyper Bonus feature on Kalamba games

Not only online slot machines are changing. The players are not always the same either, they also go through an interesting evolution. And it is precisely to make the fun as fast, simple, and best as possible that the creators of slot games are constantly trying to come up with new innovations. These should ensure that while their game remains a challenge for the players, it doesn't stress them too much and they don't walk away from it. Kalamba has also been puzzling over this and has come up with two ways to retain players.

They have introduced two features to their virtual machines: Hyper Bet and Hyper Bonus. Hyper Bet is a slightly more complicated, but still very enjoyable way to customize your risk level and make the game as fun as you want it to be. The idea is that you change the amount of the win multiplier and the number of freespins you play for. Your bet will be adjusted accordingly, and then it's up to luck what wins you end up with. More about the Hyper Bet feature in another article.

Hyper Bonus is the way to get into freespins

Hyper Bonus is already much simpler and we think it will be a bit more popular with players. In a simplistic sense, it's a way to get into freespins quickly.

In most slots, there are two ways to get into free spins. The classic is that you spin the required number of Scatter symbols and the game activates free spins. If you've been playing online slots for a long time, you'll know that this method can take ages in some cases. We have three slots in our memory where we've never been able to do that before. But we won't mention them out of politeness.

Buy freespins?

The second, much easier but relatively more expensive way to start freespins is to buy them. Admittedly, the word free loses its meaning a bit, but we won't discuss that here. This is also how the Hyper Bonus feature works. You can use it to buy the bonus game for an amount based on your current bet. Well, since the Hyper Bet and Hyper Bonus features are linked in Kalamba's online slots, when you click on the Hyper Bonus button, you have a choice. You can choose from several variations of the number of freespins and the value of the win multiplier. If the multiplier is tied to a Wild symbol, you select that value here as well, of course.

For example, in the Blazing Bull slot, you can choose from 7, 12, 15, or up to 20 free spins. If you choose the first pair, the Wild symbol will spin on the reels with a multiplier of x2, if you choose the second pair, the Wild will be worth x3. The situation is similar in other slots.

Try out the Hyper Bonus feature and buy freespins in the casino

We've grown to love both Hyper Bet and Hyper Bonus. We're not saying we didn't take a while to get used to them, or that we weren't stitched up when we first bought what was supposed to be free, but we quickly got over those negative feelings. Kalamba handled it well and player-friendly. If you want to play the company's online slots, visit an online casino, and whether or not you take advantage of the Hyper Bonus feature is up to you.

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