Slot machines by reels

Slots by reels

The number of slot machine reels matters

They say that numbers always matter, and it's no different with online slot machines. At least for most players. Fortunately, the authors of online slots know this and so they have slot machines with multiple numbers of reels in their portfolios. Still, it's good when you have a variety of options to choose from.

The grandfather of all slots today, including the ones where you spin the reels online, had 3 reels. And this number is still just as popular today. If you prefer a fast-paced game with a not-so-high number of bonuses and you care more about the gameplay than the visuals, three-reel slots are perfect for you.

The second alternative, and perhaps more numerous today, are online slots with five reels. The five reel slots loosened the creators' hands a bit and allowed them to develop mainly the bonus features (Scatter and Wild bonus). Companies like NETENT or Yggdrassil are able to tell simple stories on such slots. Therefore, if you like to play, you'll probably be looking for just five spinning reels.

A somewhat neglected category is four-reel slots. There aren't many of them, but every time we get to a 4 reel slot, we are delighted. It's refreshing and we always enjoy seeing how the developers have dealt with making the slot fast, while still offering a sufficient number of bonuses or winning lines. Four-reel slot machines tend to be a bit overlooked in the casino selection, but in our opinion unjustifiably so. Try one and we're sure you won't turn it off right away.

Multi-reel slots, for example, the luxury 6-reel or alternative slots, where there are a lot of boxes in the playing area, are rather exceptions. But a certain category of players seeks them out. We think it's because these pieces resemble the mobile games that a lot of younger gamers have grown up with. And so they're actually just transferring older habits to the casino world. However, you should try such slots at least once, even though they may not be that appealing to you. At least a free demo where you don't lose anything. On the contrary, you might just get and discover a whole new world of online slot machines.

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