Jackpots on slot machines

Jackpotson slot machines

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In addition to bonus games and a large number of winning lines, the most popular online slot machines offer players the opportunity to play for premium prizes - progressive jackpots.

In countries where the maximum winnings are not artificially limited by regulation, they often climb into millions of Euros. What's more, paying them directly into your personal bank account is easy. However, if the amount of winnings in a country is limited by gambling regulation, they only increase up to this maximum.

There are different types of jackpots in casinos. Virtually all good-quality online casinos try to have a local progressive jackpot for their players, tied either to games from a specific provider or to some selected games at the casino. Such a jackpot often has several levels. The most basic one often drops several times a day but offers a lower amount. Higher levels are less frequent, but they are more generous and the prizes are usually great.

The jackpot can also be provided by an online slot provider, in which case the jackpot amount is collected across several casinos simultaneously. It will be won by the lucky winner of any of them. The condition, however, is to play games from the very provider involved in its growth.

We recommend playing for all current online slot jackpots. If you want to feel the taste of a mega win, don't hesitate and play for amounts that can change your life from the ground up.

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