Slot machines from the realm of fairy tales

Slot machines from the realm of fairy tales

Have you ever wondered why fairy tales are such popular genres for both children and adults? It's probably because they always end happily and good always prevails over evil. Let's face it, who wouldn't want to live their life as a beautiful fairy tale? I don't think we could find a person like that. To win a prize, you don't only have to spin the reels with fruit symbol on them, thanks to the popularity of this topic, you can play fairy-tale slot machines today, where you can also experience a happy ending with a beautiful sum of cash in your player's account. In the lines below, we will bring you some interesting fairytale-themed slot machines and we believe that the games will catch you just like they did us. Enter the magical world.

Crazy Genie

I am Genie and I will grant you three wishes. Yes, yes, this blue dude is going to be the main hero of the next fairy-tale slot machine we want to introduce to you. This online machine is called the Crazy Genie and consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 fixed winning lines that must traditionally start on the first reel from the left and continue to the right uninterrupted. You will find a Wild symbol that complements the missing symbol in the winning combination as a joker, and there is also a Scatter symbol called "Bonus". At any time during the game, the well-dressed Genie can fly out of the lamp like a hurricane to fulfill any amount of wishes during the game. There are up to 5 bonus games available here, which you can reach thanks to the Genie or even after the spinning three Scatter symbols. In these bonus games, with any luck, you can get gorgeous returns on your bet. What wishes have you prepared for the Genie?

Mermaids Millions

The next machine we're going to look at is from Microgaming. In the Mermaids Millions game, you can gaze into the sea depths where you’ll have the company charming sea fairies, octopuses, starfish, and other ocean inhabitants. Hand-drawn graphics fantastically complement the fairytale atmosphere. The slot consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 15 customizable winning lines, and there’s also a traditional Wild and Scatter symbol. An interesting feature of this slot is a bonus game that you get to when you spin at least 3 Treasure Bonus symbols. What treasure will you discover at the bottom of the sea?

Frog Story

This slot machine from EGT was inspired by a famous tale about a frog that turned into a princess after a kiss. The graphics are drawn to the last detail, ensuring that you fall in with the Frog Story game. 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 fixed wining lines and a lot of bonuses. This is how we could describe this jewel in short. You will find a Wild symbol (it works as a joker) and also a Scatter symbol that acts as a classic winning symbol and you only have to spin it twice and the money is yours.


The main protagonist of this slot is the world-famous wooden puppet - Pinocchio. Betsoft brought the game to the market, and if you try it, you will certainly not regret it. The plot takes place in the workshop of the poor carpenter Geppetto, that carved out Pinocchio. You can spin 5 reels with 3 rows, there are 15 winning lines, and winning combinations must start from left to right. As with the previous slots, the Pinocchio slot can show off a lot of interesting features. You can get into two bonus games - one is called "Stage" and the other "Class". Any wins you get in them will automatically be doubled. In addition, if you spin the same symbol 4 times in a skipped sequence, a fairy may appear to give you a free spin of the reel where you’re missing the required fifth winning symbol. Sounds tempting, doesn't it?

Koi Princess

Another piece we would like to introduce to you is a game called Koi Princess by Net Entertainment. On this slot, you will also find 5 reels with 3 rows and you can win on 20 fixed winning lines. The huge attraction of this slot machine is a lot of different bonuses. Fewer bonus features are available for lower bets than for higher ones. Thanks to the bonus wheel that appears after spinning three Scatter symbols called "Bonus", you can get 10 free spins, that’s 10 free spins with a guarantee of a win or an instant win. Bonuses are unreasonable here, so it would be a great shame not to get to know this game.

Dragons of Fortune

Everywhere you look - dragons. The Dragons of Fortune online slot comes from the workshop of SYNOT Games. Another one of the graphically sophisticated slots with 243 options of winning, on which you spin 5 reels with 3 rows. It doesn’t lack the traditional Wild and Scatter symbols. The Scatter symbol here is called the "Bonus" and if you spin it at least three times, you’ll enter a special game. Here you will have a choice of five dragons, each bringing you a different number of free spins as well as a different win multiplier. If you choose a dragon with a higher number of free spins, you get a smaller win multiplier and vice versa. A classic feature of this online slot machine is the Risk game that you can play after the win. It comes in classic card form where you guess the color of the card. If you guess right, you'll get double your win, if not, you lose the prize. This slot machine entertained us and we believe it will do the same for you. Which one of the dragons will be the lucky one for you?

Claws vs Paws

The rivalry between dogs and cats has been here since the dawn of time, and you can find this animal duo in another machine called Claws vs. Paws by Playson. Fairytale graphics with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 winning lines plus lots of tempting bonuses. You will discover all of this in a slot whose main characters, as we mentioned earlier, are the cat-burglar and guard-dog who’s trying to protect the bank from the robbery. In addition to the traditional Wild symbol, you can find the Scatter symbol in three forms. There's a naughty cat on all of them, but always with something else. One day it's money, then beads, and finally you can see it with gold bricks. After spinning at least three of these symbols, you get different forms of free spins and you have a lot to look forward to. In addition, this clever girl can add a big win combination (Big Win Hacking) at any time during the game. The guard-dog does not want to lag behind, thanks to which it is possible to get three free spins. That’s not even everything. While playing, you collect chips and if you fill the glass in the upper left corner, you will be able to play a game with bonus wheels. Each bonus gets better than the other, wouldn't you say?

Magic games with a fairytale bonus

The bell rang and the fairy tale is over. We enjoyed this journey through the magical world and we have to say that we enjoyed all the fairy-tale slot machines. Find yourself in the realm of fairy tales on the reels of these popular slot machines, play bonus games from the made-up world, grab some fortune for yourself and make a fairy tale win. One needs to prepare even for a fairy tale life. Sign up at an online casino and get a fantastic casino entry bonus. Have a great time.

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