Why are fruit slot machines still popular?

Why are fruit slot machines still popular?

If you were to ask 100 people on the street what they imagine when they hear the word slot machine, we’ll just bet that the vast majority of those people will imagine a type of one-armed bandit machine with a fruit theme. By the way, how about you? Same thing?

Fruit slots and chewing gum

Fruit slot machines have been here since the prehistoric era of slot machines. However, if you think that the first slot machine was also fruity, you’re wrong. It showed classic cards. Additional machines, however, were working with the fruit theme. Why? Well, because back then when you got a winning combination you didn’t receive money, but just... chewing gum. And guess what the individual fruit images symbolized. Exactly, the flavor of the chewing gum that you’ve won. You got three melons and received a melon flavor, you got three lemons? Lemon flavor and so on.

The theme got on and thanks to chewing gum, establishments were able to avoid fairly strict anti-gambling laws. And later when all slot machines went from paying out chewing gum to money, there was no reason to change the fruit theme. Slowly, thanks to the fruit, the slot machines got their own name, fruit machines. You’ve definitely heard it before.

Online slot machines with a retro vibe

We’re no different. Casino operators know all too well what people like the most and just like everyone else they can profit from it. They also know that retro will always be in style which is why even today the top online casinos offer more games with a fruit theme. These slot machines will always find their players.

They remind a lot of people of the good old times and usually, these are the most simple slot machines offered that won’t drown you with a ton of gaming options that you’ll finally find your way around only after you don’t have a single cent in your account.

Bet on the good old times

This type of slot machine surely doesn’t need to worry about popularity. Nostalgia and the optimism of memories isn’t something players lack and fruit machines will easily remind of the “good” “old” times when everything was different and, of course, everything was better.

So when you fall into nostalgia as well, just try playing fruit machines for free. And if you get a winning combination, reward yourself with a chewing gum but only if it’s flavor corresponds with the symbol that you just got on the reels. Bon appetit.

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