Unconventional online reel games

Unconventional online reel games

Different reel spinning mechanism, different gameplay features, different ways to work your way to wins – that's what alternative slots or in other words non-traditional online slot games are all about. Although they are not as popular as classical slot machines, they also have their followers and they are often a pleasant relaxation after being over-saturated with traditional slot machines with fruit symbols. Are you ready to get to know some special games? In this article, we'll introduce you to a few of the good ones from the selections of online casinos.

8 Flowers

Let's start right away with a very interesting online slot 8 Flowers, which is one of the newer titles from Synot Games. Right from the start, we were attracted by the interesting playing environment. We found ourselves in a Japanese garden with a beautiful ornamental sakura cherry tree in the foreground. The basic slot machine is made up of 3 columns and 3 rows, with flower symbols spinning on the reels, and to win you need to spin three of the same neighboring symbols horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. There are several bonus features in this slot machine as well, which are mainly taken care of by the wild symbol. It is represented by a white flower - Wild Flower. This symbol is again in the role of a joker and therefore substitutes the other symbols. If the wild symbol lands in the middle position of the slot machine, you will be credited with the winnings you have earned and you automatically receive a respin with a fixed wild symbol. During the respin, another screen with reels appears on the board and this free spin is played with the same bet amount. These were the wild symbol features, but we're not done with the bonus features yet. This is because if you land the same symbol on all reels, your win is doubled, and diagonal wins on rows 7 and 8 are also multiplied x2. Try out this unusual slot machine, we enjoyed it. What do you think of it?

Reel Rush

Do you know the legendary game Super Mario? If so, the Reel Rush online alternative slot machine will certainly remind you of it. This unconventional slot was developed by NetEnt developers and even though it may not impress you at first sight, you should definitely give it a chance. The graphics are very ordinary, but it definitely suits this game. The playing field consists of 5 reels and 5 rows, and not all fields are unlocked from the start of the game. Fruit symbols, candy symbols, and wild symbols appear on the playing field. Your objective in this game is to form a winning combination consisting of three or more of the same symbol on neighboring reels, and this combination must be from left to right. If you manage to form a winning combination, you are automatically awarded a respin and unlock fields. If you manage to unlock all the fields on the reels thanks to more and more winning combinations, you are awarded 8 free spins and can win in 3,125 directions. The only special symbol in this slot is the Wild symbol, which substitutes all symbols in this game as well as helping you create a winning combination. It only appears on the second, third, fourth and fifth reel. The unusual Reel Rush slot appealed to us and we definitely recommend that you give it a try. Nothing complicated awaits you. The principle of the game will be clear within a few moments of starting the slot machine.

Crystal Land

Another unconventional slot machine we've got our eye on is called Crystal Land. From the title, you could already guess that crystals will play the main role in it. This game was born in the Playson studio, where most of the hard-working games are made, and it was no different in this case. The slot machine consists of a square in the shape of 7x7 fields. The player's task is to spin a winning combination, which must consist of at least 5 of the same neighboring symbols. If you spin them, you will be credited with the win and these symbols will disappear and the symbols above them will fall in their place. This way you have a chance to get more winning combinations and you can consider this feature as a little free respin. At the start of the game, not all 49 fields are available, but only 24. The remaining 25 are blocked and are opened consecutively after a winning combination has been spun. Special bonuses are also unlocked when you unlock certain rows. The first is the well-known Wild symbol, which again acts as a joker and substitutes missing symbols in a winning combination. The second special symbol is the Ruby Wild and it also takes the role of the wild symbol. In addition, if it is part of a winning combination, it will explode along with the surrounding symbols, which will be replaced by new ones. If you manage to unlock the entire first row, the bonus round is triggered, during which you try to remove all symbols using the bonuses, and you can expect some very interesting wins. The Crystal Land slot also features other special symbols, which are chests that display different numbers of stars that act as multipliers. The last special symbol is the Magic Drink, which helps you exchange a non-winning combination for a winning one. To make things even better, progressing from level to level based on the points you earn for wins is definitely a motivator. There are 9 levels in total, and when you complete the last one, you'll get a reward to spin in the wheel of fortune. Are you going to try this interesting slot machine full of different options?

Tiki Fruits

Sea, beach, fruit, and cocktails. This is also a simple way to start describing another alternative online slot game Tiki Fruits, this time from Red Tiger. The slot consists of three playing parts. The first is the playing field, which is huge and consists of 8 columns and 10 rows, which means that when you spin, you will see up to 80 symbols on the screen at any one time. The fruit symbols (which are of a lower value) are complemented by higher value symbols such as the lucky seven, gems, dice, stars, and there is also a bonus symbol, which is depicted here as a coconut drink. You win if you hit a winning combination, which in this game is a cluster of symbols. In simple terms, you need to create a group with at least 5 identical symbols adjacent to each other. If you spin such a cluster, you will be credited with a win, the symbols will disappear and be replaced by new ones, giving you another chance to win something without spinning again. The second part of the game is a wooden totem with two heads, which will try to help you to win. At any point in the game, it can twist and bring a whirlwind that blows some symbols off the playing field and replaces them with new symbols, or it can equally suck in some fruit symbols and then move them to the bar on their right. And this bar is the last and third basic part of the game. There are bars with all 5 fruit symbols and a "BONUS" box. When the fruit bar(s) becomes full, the rest of these symbols disappear from the playing field, giving way to higher-value symbols. But it is important to say that the filled boxes last only for one spin because they are emptied again at a new spin. However, this is not the case in the bonus game. It is accessed by filling the "BONUS" bar with coconut drink symbols in one spin. If this happens, you automatically get free Tiki Spins. Their number is purely random, again, two totem heads will blow them at you. And as we mentioned earlier, in the bonus game, the fruit bars don't reset, so you have a huge chance to get a nice win on the higher value symbols during free spins. We were simply delighted with the Tiki Fruits slot machine, be sure to try it out for yourself.


In the next slot machine, which we decided to explore, fruit has a privileged position. No, no, it's not a classic fruit machine like you're used to, we're describing unconventional games here, and that's the case with NetEnt's Berryburst slot. You are spinning 5 reels with 3 rows. The winning lines are formed in clusters. You need to land at least 5 identical symbols on at least two adjacent reels to get a win. As mentioned in the introduction, you will find fruit symbols complimented by card symbols. Graphically, the slot is perfectly designed and the fruit symbols look as if they are real. The music here is also very pleasant and cheerful, we have to say that the producers have done a great job. But let's move on to the specialty of the Berryburst online slot. It is clearly the wild symbol. Yes, it performs its traditional function here too – that is, it replaces a missing symbol in a winning combination. But this is not all. The wild symbol in this game can really help you win interesting prizes. This is because it appears as an expanding Wild symbol, which means that when it appears, it expands across the entire reel and therefore substitutes any symbol that is missing from the winning cluster. In addition, this expanding Wild symbol will remain in place and you will automatically get a free re-spin which can help you to make further profits. In case another Wild symbol appears during a free spin, all reels with Wild symbols remain stuck, followed by another re-spin, which means that with a bit of luck, you may have only Wild symbols on all reels at any one time, which would mean a pretty brutal win. Are you going to try it?

Puppet Show

Slots that know how to put a smile on players' faces and improve their mood can simply entertain. And one of those slots is a game called Puppet Show, which was created by Kajot. This slot machine is actually one great puppet show. Behind the curtain, you can see various cute puppet symbols, which are really graphically perfect in this game. The musical background during the game is on point and cheerful and we really felt like we were in a puppet show. The slot is comprised of 5 reels, 3 rows, and a maximum of 243 winning lines. Winnings are calculated from left to right. In addition, once a winning combination is landed, these winning symbols are replaced by new symbols from higher levels, so you may be able to get multiple wins from a single spin. After the winning symbols are replaced, the multiplier for the potential next win on that spin is automatically increased to x2, x3, x4, and a maximum of x5. There are up to three special symbols in the Puppet Show slot – Wild symbol, Scatter symbol, and Mystery symbol. The wild symbol is represented by a curtain, from which the symbol that is missing from a winning combination always pops up. The scatter symbol here is called "BONUS" and can be used to award a varying number of free spins. If you land it on three reels you get 10 free spins, if you land it on four reels you get 20 free games and if it appears on all five reels you get up to 40 free spins. The last special symbol in this game is the Mystery symbol. Three, four, or five spins of these symbols will take you to the bonus game, where you choose one of three symbols, under which random wins are hidden. Great graphics complemented by fun sound, falling symbols, three special symbols – simply a supercharged slot that you should definitely try playing.


What would you say about the combination of smiling characters and physics? It sounds strange, but that's exactly what awaits you in the Reactoonz online slot machine from Play´n´GO. The playing field consists of 7x7 fields and a win here is awarded if you spin 5 or more of the same symbols, which must be horizontally or vertically adjacent. After a winning combination is formed, the winning symbols disappear from the slot machine and are subsequently replaced by new symbols. In addition to the unusual design, this slot machine is also unusual for its huge variety of bonus features. In the top right corner is a "quantum leap" which, when filled, adds one random Quantum Special to the game. The Quantum Leap is completed if you manage to form 5 winning combinations in one game. There are four specials that then interfere with the action: "implosion", "cut", "demolition", and "modification". Implosion turns three to six symbols into wild symbols and destroys all adjacent symbols. The special cut splits the Wild symbol in the middle and creates two diagonal lines on the playing field, both lines displaying the same random symbol. Demolition owes nothing to its reputation and destroys all one-eyed and identical symbols. The special modification selects one random one-eyed symbol and converts all the same symbols to another, and if there is no one-eyed symbol on the playing field at that moment, the special modification may select another symbol. If you manage to complete all 5 quantum jump points, another special called "Gargantoon" comes into play, which first adds a 3x3 wild symbol to a random location. When no more symbols can fall, it turns into two 2x2 Wild symbols and then turns into 9 1x1 Wild symbols. In addition, for all non-winning spins, there is a chance that Gargantoon will place between 4 and 8 different symbols in the slot. To make things even better, 4 identical symbols stacked in a square will automatically create Giantoonz, and winning combinations that include Giantoonz will be doubled. An incredible amount of bonuses, what do you say? It's a bit confusing, but if you try the Reactoonz slot machine, you'll quickly understand the principle of the game. In conclusion, we would perhaps like to give a slightly reworked comparison to this game, which in this case could be: it is better to play once than to read a hundred times. Have fun!

You don't have to be afraid of unconventional slot machines

It was a great ride, what do you say? Unconventional online slot machines are indeed unconventional, but you get used to them very quickly. Even though they are "different" compared to classic slot machines, you can still have a great time with them. Give them a chance, try them for free first and we believe you will be as satisfied as we were with them.

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