Stories of adventure on the reels

Stories of adventure on the reels

They say life is one great adventure. That really is the case, and we often experience a bit of stereotype during our weekdays. And what's best for getting out of an everyday routine? Well, some kind of adventure, of course. Exciting moments and adrenaline to the maximum. Yeah, that's what attracts people all over the world. But there are so many popular movies in this genre. And not just movies, but also various games. That is why adventure slot machines are also very popular in the online casino world. We took a closer look at some select pieces in online casinos, so settle down, the adventure begins.

Vicky Ventura

We start our adventurous journey with the Vicky Ventura online slot machine from Red Tiger. After the start of the game, we found ourselves in an unexplored jungle world full of various pitfalls. In this slot, it is possible to spin 5 reels with 3 rows and you can grow your player account thanks to the 243 winning lines. The main hero of this story is the charming explorer Vicky Ventura, who shows up as a Wild symbol that replaces the symbols missing in the winning combination. When you start this machine, you'll be sure to notice the totem, which you can see on the right side of the screen. And it's not there just for appearances. If you spin the totem crystal symbol on the reels, it will awaken the totem that may reveal a wild symbol, exchange some symbols or even add more totem crystals to you. You might be asking, what's with the popular Scatter symbol? Don't worry, you'll find it here, too. It appears on the reels with the "Freespin" text and it is clear from the name that you will be rewarded with free spins. Therefore, if you spin at least 3 Scatter symbols you can enjoy a bonus game with 10 free spins. In this bonus game, the slot will be expanded by two more locked lines, and even if you manage to spin the Scatter symbol 3-times in this game, the last seventh locked line opens. In the end, with a little luck with all the unlocked lines, you can win with 16,807 winning lines. And that's a big deal!

Dragons Fire

When a dragon appears on the scene, you can always expect an exciting adventure. It isn't any other way in Red Tiger's Dragons Fire slot machine. The fact that the graphics and sounds would be at the top level was clear to us in advance, but the bonus load wasn't. That's great, but let's do it step-by-step. The slot consists of 5 reels, 4 lines, and 40 fixed winning lines, with the winning combinations traditionally starting with the first reel on the left and then continuing to the right, continuously. The Wild symbol will help you in this game by replacing the missing winning combination symbol. There is also a popular Scatter symbol, which when it appears three times, moves you to the free spin bonus game. How many you have depends on which of the Dragon symbols you select from the Dragon symbols after you spin the Scatter symbols. There's always a dragon keeping an eye on you while playing, but you don't have to worry about it. On the contrary, it often helps you win. At any time during the game, it can fly over the reels and turn some of them into Wild Symbols and can also add a Scatter symbol to any place. On the right side of the slot, you will certainly notice the dragon egg showing the win multiplier value, which is increased for each winning combination up to a maximum of 50-times the bet. To make sure this isn't all, even in Dragons Fire you can play for progressive Jackpots.

Blood Suckers II

Overcoming fear is, to some extent, some kind of adventure, isn't it? A machine called Blood Suckers II presents itself with a terrifying and bleak atmosphere. The NetEnt team is credited with this game, and we have to say that once again, they have shown themselves with a wonderful slot. Great graphics with great sound effects that create goosebumps. The slot is comprised of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 winning lines. As is customary in most slot machines, the winning combination must start from the left (on the first reel) and proceed to the right. In this game, you can find three bonus symbols. The first is the traditional Wild symbol that replaces the missing symbol in the winning combination but also creates separate winning combinations. The second Scatter symbol appears here, with at least three spins representing 10 free spins, while during their spins all wins are multiplied by three. The most interesting, however, is the Bonus symbol. Just spin it on each of the first three reels and find yourself in the bonus game. There are various coffins and chests waiting for you here, and there's something hidden in each of them. You can hit an instant win, a Scatter symbol, a key, or a demon, but if it appears, the bonus game will end. If you find a key, you move to the next room where you repeat this procedure, just the winnings are getting higher, which we can confirm, the bonus games have indeed been very generous to us. We've got our fingers crossed for you.

Ghost Pirates

Another man “on a dead man’s chest” from the online adventure slot machines will be the NetEnt slot machine called Ghost Pirates. Oh, yeah, yeah. You're right, we're going on a pirate cruise to discover treasures. The composition of this slot is untraditional because you can choose how many reels you want to spin and the number of winning lines depends on it. Logically, the more reels you play, the more lines you can win. Cannons, anchors, pistols, monkeys - these are only some of the symbols that will appear on individual reels while playing this slot. You will find the wild symbol here as a skull with a pirate cap, and in this game, this wild symbol appears as a joker that replaces the missing symbol in the winning combination. An interesting feature of the Wild symbol in this game is that it even replaces the Scatter symbol, which is not seen so often. It is the Scatter symbol that you will find here as a treasure chest and if you spin it at least three times you get free spins. Scatter symbols on three reels amount to 15 free spins, on four 20, and five to 25 free spins. So, did you like the pirate theme?

2 Million B.C.

In the next game we will return far back to the past, because thanks to the online slot machine 2 Million B.C. from the provider Betsoft, we will teleport to prehistoric times. The slot offers a game with 5 reels, 3 lines, and with winning lines available here equal to 30. On the reels, you will see various prehistoric symbols, which are very inviting, as is the case with the dominant hero of this slot machine, which is a prehistoric man who is certainly not overlooked, as he is located in the bottom right corner from the beginning of the game. He closely monitors your actions in the game, and you often see him do the gestures that are guaranteed to conjure a smile on your face. You would look for a wild symbol with no luck, which is quite interesting, but other bonuses will definitely make it up to you. The Scatter symbol is not missing. Thanks to this symbol, which is shown as a fireplace in the game, you can get free spins. If you spin a Scatter symbol on three reels you get 4 free spins, if this symbol appears on four reels, you can look forward to 12 free spins and if you even succeed on all five reels, you will receive up to 20 free games. Tempting, what do you say? But that’s not all. You can also find yourself in one of the two bonus games. In both games, a saber-toothed tiger will play. In one case you will try to stun him with an acorn, and in the other game, you will try to get a diamond from the sleeping tiger. Of course, both bonus games can be very generous in terms of rewards earned.

Royal Secrets

You've always been tempted to look into the royal court to see what it really looked like? This opportunity is offered to us with the online slot Royal Secrets. Its authors are from EGT, so don't expect any graphic or sound orgy. On this slot, you will also find 5 reels with 3 rows, and you can win on 10 fixed winning lines. As classic symbols, you see the king, the queen, the princess, and the knight, the rest are card symbols. A wild symbol that appears only on the second, third, and fourth reels will help you win on the Royal Secrets online slot machine. This wild symbol normally replaces the missing symbol in the winning combination. In addition, if it becomes part of a winning combination, it expands to the whole reel. There are two different Scatter symbols to be found here. One as a key and one as a royal crown. However, in this slot machine, spinning them will mean "only" certain multiples of your bet. The maximum win in this game is 500-times your bet, and you’ll get it if you get the King's symbol on all five reels. Are you gonna try to play a royal slot machine?

Reel Sheriff

With the Synot Games Reel Sheriff online slot, we'll stop in the Wild West. A graphically superior slot machine placed in a night town dragged us into the game immediately. The slot is composed of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 fixed winning lines. The winning combinations don’t only pay from left to right but in both directions. You can spin up to two types of Wild symbols on this slot machine. The first wild symbol is the sheriff, and the other is the bandit. Both symbols substitute all other symbols except the Mystery symbol. If one of these Wild symbols appears on the reels, it will trigger the respin. The sheriff appears on the 1st reel and moves one position to the right after each respin. The bandit has the opposite path, which means he travels from the 5th cylinder to the left. The respin you get will end when there's no sheriff or bandit on the reels anymore. If the sheriff and the bandit meet in the same position, they create the Mystery symbol, which also acts as a wild symbol and replaces all symbols. First, it evaluates row wins and then pays out the Mystery win, which is random. We enjoyed the Reel Sheriff slot machine, will you try it?

Embark on an adventure on slot machines at the casino

And we're at the end of our adventurous journey. It was truly stunning. We introduced you to some interesting games that we certainly recommend you try. And once you've found your favorite game (or even more games) try to win some interesting sums in an online casino. There's plenty of ways to win on these slot machines, so why don't you try luck? We wish you fun and good luck in the game.

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