How to win with online slot machines

How to win with online slot machines

Similar to roulette or blackjack, online slot machines and video slot machines also have various game strategies. Get to know them and increase your chances of winning!

Our winning tips

Before reading our tips, please bear in mind that online slot machines and video slot machines are primarily intended for entertainment purposes and winning is just a pleasant side benefit. Online slot machines are a matter of chance. We would like to recommend a couple of rules to observe in order to be successful.

  • Remember that someone will certainly win the jackpot. If not you, then someone else.
  • Learn the rules of the game you play. If you just spin aimlessly and recklessly, you will certainly lose and gamble your money away.
  • If possible, find out the pay-out percentage for the given slot machine. This percentage is ordinarily from 85% to 98%, while Internet online casinos usually offer a higher probability - at least 97%. The math is simple: if you deposit €100, you will get €98 back on average. And now, imagine that a couple of amateurs just threw a few hundred Euros into a machine a while back. Slot machines will not let you win if you spin less than 10 - 20 times. And this happens regularly. Someone comes, bets €2, and moves on. The real money waits for those who more patient.
  • When playing on progressive slot machines, focus on playing with the maximum number of coins. In other words: don’t limit your bet to a single line – it’s better to bet on all of them, plus diagonals.
  • If you win a large amount, move on to another machine offered by the online casino. Every slot machine has its own pre-set amount of money to distribute.
  • Try to play several different games. If you do not win on at least every 15th draw, move on to a different game.
  • Define your daily limit. Sometimes it just isn’t your lucky day; and it is better not to play above your self-defined limit. Better come back later, and you will see that things do get better.
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