Amusnet Jackpot Cards

Amusnet Jackpot Cards

Apart from the joy of the game itself, one of the things that attract players to casinos is the bonuses. There are plenty of those today. Many interesting game bonuses and features can be found right in slot games, and of course, every online casino tries to come up with its own. The casino game manufacturers themselves do not want to be left out. They try to do everything they can to make their games as attractive as possible to players. They need their games to be played in casinos.

Jackpots are one of the things they can use to increase their attractiveness. And Amusnet is making clever use of it. In its games, it offers the option to play for 4 levels of the progressive jackpot. And it goes about it in an original way. Amusnet called the bonus game Jackpot Cards and the 4 levels are marked with the suits of French cards – Hearts, Pikes, Clovers, and Tiles.

The exclusive Jackpot Cards jackpot game is awarded to players randomly. However, unlike other jackpots, the higher your current bet, the more chances you have to enter the Amusnet Jackpot Cards bonus game. If the feature is triggered while the reels are spinning, you are already guaranteed to win one of these jackpots. A special game screen shows 12 playing cards face down and your goal is to pick cards until you find three of the same suit. The amount of your win is linked to the suit of the cards. The four suits of cards (hearts, pikes, clovers, and tiles) represent the four levels of winning. While playing Amusnet online slot, you can see all four of these levels at the top of the screen, even with their current value. As soon as you complete your triple of identical cards, you are awarded the amount that shines above the reels for that suit of cards.

However, before you start chasing this progressive bonus, always make sure you are playing on an online slot machine where the Amusnet Jackpot Cards bonus game is active. It doesn't have to be automatic. In many online casinos, you can enjoy Amusnet slot games to the fullest, and of course, there is no shortage of jackpots. Just try your luck and you could be the next winner of one of the bonuses.

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