Treasure Mine

Treasure Mine

Gold everywhere!

Red Tiger. Does this name mean anything to you? If you have already tried their games in a casino, you will surely agree with us that their slots have something to them. They're completely different than you may have known. And if you haven't met this company's slot machines yet, you should quickly change that.

Treasure Mine is an online slot with 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 fixed winning lines. The main character is a sympathetic and diligent miner who will try to dig as much gold out of the mine as possible in the form of nice wins. The game is characterized by perfect graphics, 3D animations, great music, and sound effects. However, there are great bonus features, that are a little unusual.

3 types of Wild symbols

The first one is the Wild symbol that substitutes missing symbols in a winning combination. I'm sure you all know that. However, the wild symbol on Treasure Mine has three versions - Redbeard (miner), Treasure Strike (diamond), and Dragon. The correct constellation or combination of at least two of them may result in luxury winnings:

  • Redbeard + Treasure Strike = the miner will jump on the diamond and will start bashing it with his pick-ax to get the biggest win out of it.
  • Treasure Strike + Dragon = the dragon will breathe fire on the diamond and it will shatter and spread across the neighboring fields.
  • Dragon + Redbeard = the dragon will burn the miner that will then start running and leaving a path made up of only wild symbols.

Bonus mini-game with great wins

Another important symbol is the Scatter in the form of a cart with gold. If you spin it anywhere on the reels at least 3 times, prepare for the exciting Treasure Run bonus mini-game ride. In it, the miner gets on a cart and sets off on the rails in the pits of the mine. Your task is to determine which of the three directions he should take. One route is full of gold and gems, the other is less of them, and on the third, you can run into a barricade, after which the whole adventure will end. In this bonus mini-game, you can get really big rewards.

Progressive Jackpot

On this machine, like the Flaming Fox slots, and Tiki Fruits, you also play for the shared progressive Jackpots. All you have to do is spin the reels and hope that you’ll spin the Jackpot symbol at least 3-times.

The more players play these slots, the faster the Jackpots will rise because a certain percentage is taken from each bet. Their maximum amount isn’t limited. You can see the current state of Jackpots on the left of the reels. With the daily Jackpot, the countdown is also displayed, which means that this Jackpot will definitely be won by that time. The closer the end is, the higher the chances of breaking it. When another player wins the Jackpot, an announcement will appear. This process is constantly repeated.

Entertainment and generous casino wins

We had a very good time with the Treasure Mine slot. We also appreciated the features of autoplay and turbo mode, which is why playing had the required charge. We can only congratulate the authors on their work. Try it and you won't regret it!

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