Neon Fever

Neon Fever

An easy fruity classic of the slot machine Neon Fever

Have you lived in the '80s? If you nodded then you’ve most probably found yourselves at a disco where the music of Modern Talking or Alphaville ruled and above the heads of people with crazy haircuts were shining disco balls. Good times. These memories will come to life in the Neon Fever slot machine.

The Neon Fever online slot machine is from the creators at SYNOT Games and we have to admit that its looks and feel immediately reminded us of the times 30 or 40 years ago. Simply drawn symbols of fruit, sevens, stars, bells or four-leaf clovers only multiplied this feeling. This is a classic machine that many older players learned to play on.

Double and triple symbols will enchant you

The slot machine is made up of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 fixed winning lines. Its goal is to spin a winning combination from left to right in an uninterrupted line. In order to spin it and thus receive some nice prizes, you will get the help of several bonus properties of this slot.

The first one is a classic – the Wild symbol. It shows on all the reels except for the first one on the left. Basically, a joker meaning that it replaces missing symbols in a winning line. Personally, we were more intrigued by the second special property and those are double and triple symbols on the reels. The double and triple symbols contain only the most valuable symbols, those are the sevens, bells, four-leaf clovers, starts, and the Wild symbols. After every spin, these multiplied symbols show up anywhere on the reels at least once. We once managed to get the triple symbols on three reels and we almost fell off of our chair after seeing the prize. A truly amazing property of the Neon Fever slot machine, we praise the game’s authors.

To raise your prize, you can also use the popular Gamble (Risk) function. Your task is to guess the color of a hidden card. A correct guess means twice the winnings, guess incorrectly leads to loss and you go back to the reels.

Also interesting is the view of the winnings table of this slot. If the sevens or star symbol showed up on the reels 15-times, you would receive a prize of 80-times your bet. And since every game has the aforementioned triple symbols, this possibility isn't all that unrealistic. Try it out, we managed to get it.

You’ll find Neon Fever in an online casino

We had great fun while playing the Neon Fever slot machine. We would surely recommend it to inexperienced players or those that don’t need highly-worked out slot bonuses. There are not much bonuses in this slot but there are more significant. You will fall in love with it when you see the “massacre” of prizes the double and triple symbols can make.

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