Golden Myth

Golden Myth

Aztec symbolism in an online slot machine

We’ve added to the reviews of online slot machines the Golden Myth adventure slot machine full of Aztec treasures, shrouded in a number of legends and myths from the developers at Synot Games. If you're just starting with slots, definitely read descriptions of slot machines and maybe you’ll be the one who uncovers the secret to getting the treasure of Golden Myth.

This slot machine is made up of 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 fixed winning lines. Certainly, even more-demanding players will be pleased with the colorful design of the symbols, the environment of wild nature and the Aztec structures. Among the symbols, the dominant one is the Aztec depiction of animals, such as the snake, lizard, monkey, eagle, or dog. A wide spectrum of symbols filled in with the depiction of Aztec gods and a diamond which has the highest value. Various symbols of deities will bestow wins on you if you get five identical symbols, 15 or up to 20-times and a diamond up to 50-times your bet.

The winning combination is made up of at least 3 identical symbols in predefined winning lines. You can find their specifications in the information about the game (Paylines). A combination has to start on the first reel from the left and continue uninterrupted to the right. If you get multiple winning combinations in one line, only the most valuable one will be counted. In case of more winning combinations on multiple lines, the value of the winnings is summed up.

Wild and Extra Wild symbols with more bonus features

The golden standard of all slot machine games is the Wild symbol. In the Golden Myth online slot machine, it has the shape of a sun with the caption Wild. It has several functions. The first one is the traditional function of a “joker”, where it fills in the missing symbol in a winning combination. The second function is basically the same as what the Scatter symbol does. If you get three Wild symbols you get 10 free spins, for four, you get 15, and with five, you get up to 20 free spins in a bonus game.

In the bonus game, the classic Wild symbol is joined by an Extra Wild symbol. It is symbolized by a red sun with the caption Extra Wild and again, it has two functions. When spun, it stays firmly in its place throughout the bonus game and it substitutes missing symbols in a winning combination. Its second feature is adding one more free spin and paying out a prize at the height of your bet.

In order to reach the treasure of the old Aztecs faster, there is the Gamble (Risk) function available. When using this function, you are guessing the color of a hidden card. With a correct tip, your win can double. An incorrect one will make you lose everything and go back to the game. It can go faster with the Autoplay function, next to the Spin button.

Uncover the secrets of the Golden Myth

Not everyone will like slot machines with a theme of treasures of the Aztec civilization. Which is why you shouldn’t judge a book (slot) by its cover and try to spin your treasure. It definitely won’t let you down with bonus functions and it will entertain you. We were pleasantly surprised by the dual function of the Wild symbol and with the literally golden bonuses in the bonus game. Try it out for yourself.

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