Funky Fruits Farm

Funky Fruits Farm

You have certainly played a number of fruit slots. This is a classic but many are missing something more, expected by every slot machine fan. You will know what I mean when you try the online Funky Fruits Farm slots. Crazy grinning fruits - and you are just waiting for the crazy "Wazzz uuuup". This is what will get you.

Funky Fruits Farm slots have 5 reels and 20 winning lines. You will definitely not become quickly fed up with the simple but catchy graphics and grinning fruit. You can find a review of this slot machine in the article Funky Fruits Farm slot machines at

A bonus game and free spins are unlocked by 3 funky farmer symbols. Here you choose two of the 5 fruits. From the original 8 free spins and double winnings you can reach up to 33 free spins and 15-times each win. And this can bring you some serious money.

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