Fruit Warp

Fruit Warp

Fruit Warp is a unique video slot, developed by Thunderkick presented to online casinos by Microgaming. Before 2014, there had been nothing similar.

Fruit Warp does not have reels or winning lines, 9 fruit symbols are displayed on the screen after spinning, and if at least 3 are same, you win. If 4 symbols are the same, an unbelievable bonus play is started, enabling you to win more than 20 times your final win.

The bonus game of the Fruit Warp slot is very simple and very generous at the same time. Once you get the above mentioned 4 same symbols of the same fruit, you start spinning for free. At the same time you embark on a route where you take another step for each same symbol, getting additional free spins. The final win is multiplied for each winning combination of any Fruit Warp fruit. You have 3 fields with a multiple and one field with a life. When you cross a field with life and in the next spin you fail to get the original fruit symbol, you get an additional free spin. The game is over if you fail to get at least 1 symbol of the fruit that started the bonus game. When this happens, the win is multiplied by the multiple that you crossed last on the bonus path. Your final multiple in the Fruit Warp bonus game may be enormous, depending on whether you collect wins on another fruit when proceeding on the path.

We got a 28-multiple of the win when playing the Fruit Warp bonus game, which is a good deal.

Watch our video and you will understand why the Fruit Wrap online slot has a 97% return rate and all players will love it.

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