Stories about the battles of knights with dragon beasts spitting fire were here from time immemorial which is why it’s strange that dragon theme is not often seen in the selection of slot machines. Maybe that was the impulse for SYNOT Games when they started developing the Firespell online slot machine. It’s packed full of dragons.

As custom to SYNOT, the machine is very simple and with quality graphics and even the intro screen with title slowly catching on fire hypes us up to battle a dragon.

The visuals of the slot machine are very well done and the individual “dragon” symbols are very well made. The selection of music and other sound effects is also good so you feel drawn into the adventure during your gameplay. We have to praise the authors.

Dragon battle for a prize

Firespell is a 5 reel, multi-line online slot machine. There are 10 winning lines and the number of active winning lines may be selected by you. You have an option of 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 lines.

Your goal, besides defeating the dragon obviously, is to spin at least three identical symbols in the defined winning combination on one or more winning line. The winning combinations are valid only from left to right. If you manage to spin more winning combinations in one winning line, only the highest will be credited. Luckily this is compensated by the fact that multiple winning combinations in multiple winning lines add up your winnings.

The favorite gamble function is also implemented. It will allow you to double your winnings after any win. Your task in this mini-game is to select between a red and black dragon. If you select the correct color then your winnings get doubled. And if you get it wrong, the game ends and you lose your original winnings.

Hidden bonuses of the Firespell online slot machine

The Firespell online slot machine doesn’t offer a classic bonus game but thanks to the Wild and Scatter symbols you can enjoy the bonus functions such as a free spin.

The Wild symbol classically functions as a joker in the winning combinations and can replace any missing symbol. We were very happy that when the Wild symbol is part of a winning line, your winnings double. This doesn’t apply with the Scatter symbol which is the only one that the Wild symbol cannot replace.

The Scatter symbol with a well-done image of a dragon’s eye will allow you to win good money. It doesn’t need to be part of a winning line. It just needs to appear a minimum of 3 times anywhere on the reels and the interesting prize is yours. Besides that, you also get 10 free spins. If the symbol appears on the reels 4 times, you get 20 free spins and the best is when you get 5 scatter symbols on the reels. Besides money, you also get 30 free spins.

What’s interesting is that while playing the free spins, dragons appear with which you can randomly change one or more symbols on the reels to Wild Symbols which can help you create winning lines. While playing the free spins, you can get additional free spins.

We really enjoyed Firespell and while playing it we had the feeling that slot machines don’t need to be machines just for money but also for quality fun.

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